Privacy policy

Cheverny Capital Inc. (“Cheverny”) is committed to protecting the personal information that we collect, use and disclose in the course of providing financial advisory services and operating our principal investing practice. We aim to do so in accordance with all relevant regulatory requirements as well as applicable privacy legislation. Cheverny also aims to do so in a manner consistent with our professional obligations. At Cheverny we believe we have both professional and ethical obligations to maintain personal information we have received in the context of client relationships in confidence. This Privacy Policy and sets out in broad terms how we collect, use, disclose and protect the personal information of our clients, other individuals and our web site users (collectively “you”).

Canadian privacy legislation defines “personal information” broadly as any information about an identifiable individual. As a general rule, personal information does not include absic business contact information, including your name, title or position, business, telephone or facsimile number.

Cheverny is responsible under applicable privacy legislation for the personal information in our possession or control. This includes personal information we receive directly, such as from individual clients or other individuals. We have appointed the firm’s General Counsel to oversee privacy matters

The types of personal information Cheverny may collect includes your name, contact information as well as information relevant to discussions of financial advisory services (including, but not limited to, information about shareholders, other security-holders, investors, potential investors or buyers, business partners, targets, competitors or customers of clients, individuals, clients, pension plan members, or other parties). This information is collected primarily for the purpose of providing our clients with strategic or financial advisory services and/or investment capital. More specifically this information is collected in order to assist Cheverny in: (1) establishing, building and maintaining client relationships, (2) avoiding conflicts of interest, (3) representing the firm or the firm’s clients in the context of business transactions such as sale, merger, amalgamation or any other type of acquisition, disposition, offering of public or private equity securities, securitization, investment, financing or other transaction; (4) maintaining commercial relationships with both clients as well as third parties and suppliers of goods and services; (5) to distribute publications, other information and links to blogs and opinion pieces; (6) in decisions related to the hiring of employees or the admission of individuals to the partnership of the firm; (6) to manage and develop Cheverny’s business and operations; (7) to assist in protecting against error, fraud and negligence.

Cookies are small data files that are sent to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard-drive when you visit certain web sites in order to “track” your visit to the site. Cheverny may, from time to time, collect non-personal information about you and your use of the site though the use of cookies. We do not match or correlate this information with any personal information that you submit on the web site. Some browsers can be set to reject all cookies; if you choose to modify your browser in this manner, all features of the web-site will remain available to you.

In order to provide our web site users with publications, information or requested services, visitors may voluntarily submit personal information to us for such purposes as subscribing to or downloading publications or participating in a seminar. We may send e-mail communications to subscribers or other individuals in our contact database. We will provide an on-going opportunity to unsubscribe or opt-out of contact by the Cheverny by writing to or calling +1 514 564 5800.

Our web site may present links to other web sites. You should be aware that operators of linked web sites may also collect your personal information and information generated through the use of cookies when you link to their web sites. Cheverny is not responsible for how such third parties collect, use or disclose your personal information, so it is important to review their privacy policies before providing them with your personal information.

To the extent we enter into arrangements with service providers, agents and contractors to store, handle or process personal information on our behalf, such as for data processing, document storage software support and office services, our policy will be to require such parties by contractual or other means to provide comparable privacy protection while the information is processed or handled by them.

We assume that an individual has consented to our reasonable collection and use of personal information consistent with the purposes for which the information was given, when the individual initiates contact with us or voluntarily provides personal information to us.

Wherever and whenever possible, we limit the amount of personal information we collect, use or disclose to that necessary and appropriate to provide our services and to operate Cheverny’s business. We keep records of the work performed and services provided by us in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements and professional standards.

In order to provide clients or subscribers with a professional level of service and to maintain appropriate contact preferences, we may ask you to update your personal information.

Cheverny attempts to protect personal information in our files and document management systems from loss, misuse, unauthorized access and alteration by using standard security practices and tools.

Individual clients may review any personal information concerning themselves we have on file in our offices by contacting a partner of Cheverny.