The partners of Cheverny believe they will succeed only if the firm’s clients succeed. We believe in serving every client, and engaging with every potential investment opportunity, with professionalism and discretion. Our guiding values are:

Place Clients First: Our advisory clients’ interests rank ahead of our own. We seek to avoid conflicts of interest and, in the unlikely event some should emerge, believe in the value of the sunlight of disclosure.

Intellectual Integrity: We strive to deliver superior outcomes for those who entrust us with capital to invest or mandates to complete. This does not mean that we are “yes” men (or women): at Cheverny we encourage a willingness to dissent internally and with clients and to engage in projects with a clear-eyed focus on intellectual honesty.

Professionalism: We are building our firm for the long term by doing business in a first class manner. We hold all partners and employees of Cheverny to high standards of professional conduct.

Confidentiality: We understand that sensitive, confidential information should remain that way and that our business would suffer if we betrayed this trust.

Independence: We are an independent firm precisely so we can develop inventive and unconventional solutions and champion, regardless of the conventional wisdom.

Teamwork: We believe that the best and most inventive solutions are developed through teamwork. All advisory mandates benefit from the active involvement of at least two senior partners of the firm. We founded Cheverny precisely to recapture the spirit and integrity of the partnerships that were once common on Wall Street, Bay Street and in The City.