The over-arching goal of Cheverny’s advisory practice is to assist clients in building and sustaining long-term value.

Cheverny Capital provides financial and strategic advice on
I. Mergers & Acquisitions
II. Corporate Strategy
III. Corporate Restructurings
IV. Capital Markets Advisory
(including debt- and equity- capital raising, connecting clients with “anchor investors” and equity markets positioning)
V. Board Advisory (such as Special Committees and advice on IPO processes)

Unlike large, integrated investment banks firms, Cheverny has no proprietary trading, equity sales and trading or credit/lending activities.


Cheverny’s team of partners brings wide-ranging mergers & acquisitions experience with both established global corporations and emerging growth companies. The firm can deploy sell-side, buy-side and cross-border expertise on behalf of its clients. Cheverny is well- qualified to advise clients on potential mergers bringing as it does an assurance of complete discretion and a lack of conflicts of interests. Cheverny’s partnerships in the UK extend the firm’s reach, complementing the hands-on, cross-border experience of Cheverny’s partners.

Financings & Anchor Investments

Cheverny and its partners have successfully participated in numerous equity financings for growth companies, both public and private. The firm’s focus is on equity private placements as well as PIPEs (private investments in public equity).

Cheverny also maintains close links to large investment funds that make substantial, long-term investments in public companies. These funds are not activist investors; rather they seek to build long-term value by providing a supportive presence on the shareholder register. In these circumstances alignment of vision between management and the investor is key; Cheverny has wide-ranging expertise in facilitating this type of dialogue.


Cheverny advises companies, creditors, investors and acquirers of companies pursuing a re-organisation, re-capitalisation or out-of-court restructuring. The advice we offer is based on transactional experience and comes unconflicted by any capital markets activities.

Board Advisory: Special Committees and IPOs

Cheverny’s partners have, during their careers worked on dozens of IPOs. The firm is able to deploy this expertise unconstrained by internal conflicts (such as with a trading desk). It can offer boards of directors and entrepreneurs unconflicted advice about IPO processes, valuations and process considerations. Cheverny can also offer seasoned, unconflicted advice to Special Committees of Boards during periods when a restructuring or M&A transaction is contemplated.

Partnership Capital

The firm’s Partnership Capital Group connects – as and if appropriate – advisory clients to a network of European and North American family offices and investors well-known to the partners of Cheverny. The firm will work with advisory clients to identify whether a fund or long-term family capital is an appropriate source of funding for an expansion project or acquisition.

Family capital tends to be more patient and partnership-oriented and is oft-times willing to make both minority- and majority- investments. Family capital is generally leery of financial engineering; it is rarely the high bidder. These investors tend to favour companies operating in industry sectors experiencing secular growth.

Attractive Industries We Know & Understand

Cheverny has particular contacts with family offices with an interest in technology/media/telecom, energy (including clean energy and related technology and infrastructure), food/agro-industrial and asset management.

As appropriate Cheverny will structure a special purpose vehicle and co-invest alongside advisory clients and family office partners.

Leveraging Experience & Relationships

Cheverny finds that Partnership Capital investments work best when focused, determined management groups seek to marry their demonstrable success with a patient source of long-term growth equity.